Dan Goor Insurance Ltd.


Dan-Goor Insurance was established 35 years ago by Mr. Reuven Dan-Goor, who still chairing the company along with the second generation of the company, his son, Gil Dan-goor.

Dan-Goor always imposed policy of high level of knowledgeableness and professionalism together with consistent updating of the innovations in all the aspects of insurance.
This policy, together with solid finance background, enabled us to specialize in insurances that demand high standard of erudition and professionalism and also to manage pension plans for the largest institutes in Israel.
We are working with the leading institutes in Israel: Dash Gemel, Altshuller Shaam, Migdal Group, Clall group, Menora group, Fenix, Meitav, etc.

We are marketing pension plans that combine several investments channels, while utilizing the advantages of the different routs; they insure industrial companies, including directors and owners liabilities insurance, professionals liability insurance and product liability insurance.

We insure in Israel and also in the USA, China, Romania, Poland and Czech Republic through the Italian company Generali, which controls the Migdal group.

Our insurance agreements with the leading companies in the insurance and finance market enable us to provide our clients preferable conditions in special prices.
Our clients enjoy consultancy services in its different stages of growth by our team, which includes the finest professionals, who capable of supplying solutions that are suitable to the special needs of each corporation.

our professional team, together with our wide contacts net in the Israeli financial market making us most suitable insurance agency to work with

Dan-Goor Insurance 2002 L.T.D.